⁠— A hall of fame!


Team: Nelson, Turner, Liam

Boilerplates: React + Express


Description: A personal wellness application geared towards users who want to uplift their mental wellbeing. This app compiles the user's productivity data (via RescueTIme API), daily activities data, and daily mood data all in a single dashboard. Each day, users are prompted to fill out a "reflection" form. The app then uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the text-sentiment behind the user's answers in order to produce a mood score. This app will allow users to enhance their lifestyles by showing users the correlation between their daily mood, productivity, and activities.


Team: Harriet, Shade, Devan

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRuby on RailsBootstrapPostgresSpotify

Description: Find upcoming concerts in your area(or a location of your choice) and generate a playlist based on those events.


Team: Jerry, Xiaoyu, Betty

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRuby on RailsPostgresAxiosReact RouterPostgres

Description: A productivity app that helps generate activities for you to do during the free time you have each day.


Team: Pieter, Jack

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRuby on RailsSemantic UIPostgresAxiosAction CableReact RouterYouTube API

Description: A video playing application that allows users to enjoy watching video playlist together. Unlike a YouTube playlist which is watched individually, Watchpoll is watched with others in groups of any size. Automatic polls are generated and the group can select the video order they would like see the next poll video’s played in. Main viewer videos are sync’d across all users. At the end of the video being played the system selects the next video and plays it in the main viewer based on the results of the poll.


Team: Vijay, Michael

Boilerplates: None!

Tech:ReactReduxDjangoBootstrapChannelsAxiosSQLiteReact Router

Description: A game center application which users can login to play cards games with each other in real time. Gamers are able to choose between playing one or more games of Memory, War, and Goofspiel.

Card Share

Team: Britta, Christian, Gergely

Boilerplates: None!

Description: Networking app that helps you quickly and seemlessly identify and connect with the right people at a professional networking event.


Team: Jelena, Matthew

Boilerplates: None!

Tech:EpressnodeJSReactJSWebpack ES6TurfJSGitGitHubgoogle-map-reactgeojson-path-finder

Description: A navation app around Calgary's +15s


Team: Peter, Danny, Gagan

Boilerplates: React + Express


Description: Real time chat with synchronized video-watching with friends.


Team: Dan, Greg, Kate

Boilerplates: React + Express


Description: Improve your foreign language skills through reading. Upload your favorite epub and click on words to translate them when you're stuck. Study foreign words through the use of flash cards.


Team: Steve Graves, Nick Yu, Bobby

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRuby on RailsPostgresPythonGoogle MapsYelpGoogle PlacesHerokuNetlify

Description: A data aggregation webportal for people new to Vancouver who desire to socialize and explore the most popular restaurants, night clubs, and bars.


Team: Seth Marks, Steven Wing

Boilerplates: None!

Tech:React NativeRuby on RailsPostgresHeroku

Description: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: An immersive game where users enlist as agents in a secret organization and complete missions by interacting with the world around them.


Team: Phil, Ryan

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRuby on RailsPostgresGoogle MapsGoogle Places

Description: Organize trips with friends and family.

Verify It

Team: Carlo Javier, Nolan Gendron, Won Shin

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRuby on RailsPostgresDockerSassMachine Learning

Description: News content validation that allows users to check, analyze, and discuss the content, credibility, and bias of a news story. (Rap Genius for fake news)

Team: Dan, Greg, Kate

Boilerplates: React + Express


Description: A betting application allowing users to watch, see upcoming, and bet against their friends on esports matches.


Cohort: Vancouver - September 16, 2019

Team: Anne, Brandon, Julia

Boilerplates: React + Rails


Description: A location-based app using MapBox and the Spotify API to find what people are listening to nearby. Users can broadcast their current music, like and save other users' currently playing tracks, view and save another user's previously played tracks, and toggle privacy settings.

Ok, Boomer

Cohort: Vancouver - September 16, 2019

Team: Gabi, Darren, Jacky

Boilerplates: React + Express


Description: A multiplayer game inspired by Bomberman! Ok, Boomer is a Phaser.js based multiplayer game (up to 4 players) with a React based controller via mobile devices. The controllers will change colors relative to the character randomly selected for you on connection. A message will appear on your controller if you win or lose. The goal of the game is to be the last one standing in a battle-royale style match.


Cohort: Vancouver - September 16, 2019

Team: Mel, Puneet, Charlotte

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactJavaScriptRailsRubyPostgresSemantic UICSS

Description: THE ULTIMATE cross-stitch pattern creating app. Users can create cross-stitch patterns, get inspiration, edit patterns, like/ unlike patterns, save multiple times, and see version history of all the saves.


Cohort: Vancouver - September 16, 2019

Team: Adam, Frank, Jackson

Boilerplates: None!

Tech:ViroReactReact NativeRubyRailsPostgreSQL

Description: Trekk is a mobile application that allows users to create and share custom augmented reality tours, or ‘Trekks’. A user is able to customize their own Trekks by submitting marker images with their corresponding media to be displayed. These media can be in the form of a text description, image url and/or video url. Guests can access private Trekks via a randomly generated access code provided by the Trekk owner.


Cohort: Vancouver - September 16, 2019

Team: Logan, Lizzy, Arian

Boilerplates: React + Rails

Tech:ReactRailsPostgresExpressNode.jsStyled ComponentsRaspberry PiIP Stack

Description: Plantastic is an application combined with a Raspberry Pi that helps people keep their plants alive. Using a moisture sensor, the Pi will intelligently water the plant based off of moisture levels. Logs will be sent to the users front end displaying the duration of how long the pump ran for. Backend:


Cohort: Vancouver - September 16, 2019

Team: Fabio, John, Jake

Boilerplates: None!


Description: Remember the Tamogatchi? A pet you kept alive at the cost of your time and sanity. Now comes Fitogachi. A pet you keep alive by being active. Through the fitbit API, the application has access to your calories, steps, and even you fitbit friends. The progress you make not only levels up your Fitogatchi, allowing access to perks, but is recorded and is viewable on the fitness page across various time periods. If having a life at stake isn't enough to motivate users they can also challenge other users to competitions to see who can burn the most calories and watch their fitogachi battle by having calories burned converted into an animation viewable upon competition completion.